March 17, 2007



Old media: Teaching the truth
Christ teaching

New media: developing knowledge through open dialogue
socrates in action


延伸閱讀:Understanding New Media
update 1:

Old media strategy: Preaching
Old media is based on authority and the idea of a big story. Its paradigm is the bible. Its subject is the truth.
  1. Depending on which particular medium you use (Paper, Radio, TV) one has to adapt to certain material standards in order to be successful
  2. It hardly changes its self-definition
  3. It hardly changes its rules and shape, it is constructed by a few chosen people and it develops slowly
  4. It shows no form of own intelligence
  5. It’s controllable by money, power and/or superstition
  6. It grows attention through manipulation
  7. It is authoritarian, cautionary and talking down to us
  8. It drives and is driven by fear and entertainment, sex and crime
  9. It creates myths and creates distance
  10. It lives in the past
New Media: Socratic Dialogue (蘇格拉底式對話)
The cool thing about working with new media in general is that you never fully understand it. ... Yet understanding new media is a bit more of a challenge as it is conceived as a two way medium constantly redefining itself. Its paradigm is the socratic dialogue. Its subject is knowledge.
  1. It can take the shape of all other media and thus emulate them in their function and power
  2. It constantly changes its self definition (Web 1.0, Web 2.0, Web 3.0)
  3. It is driven and constructed by billions of people and thus advancing faster than any other technology we are aware of
  4. It generates a form of meta-intelligence that governs itself through the help of human intelligence
  5. It is not controllable by either money or power or superstition
  6. It rejects manipulation and grows through collaboration
  7. It’s anti-authoritarian, easy to understand and it engages in conversations
  8. It is driven by information and humor, sex and laughter
  9. It informs and connects
  10. It constantly defines and redefines the future

update 2:
看到Dion Hinchcliffe's Web 2.0 Blog裡談社會媒體,同時還畫了個圖。

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