April 8, 2006

How to Wow 'Em Like Steve Jobs -- 如何像賈伯斯一樣精彩演講

Steve Jobs的演講總是撼動人心,讓聽眾如癡如醉。

Sell the Benefit

Steve Jobs does not sell bits of metal; he sells an experience.
For example, when introducing a 30 GB iPod, he clearly explains what it means to the consumer -- users can carry 7,500 songs, 25,000 photos, or up to 75 hours of video.
It's not about the technology, but what the technology can do for you.

Practice, Practice, and Practice Some More

Jobs takes nothing for granted during product launches. He reviews and rehearses his material.
it's not unusual for Jobs to prepare for four hours as he reviews every slide and demonstration.

Keep It Visual

Speaking of slides, there are very few bullet points in a Jobs presentation.
Each slide is highly visual.

Exude Passion, Energy, and Enthusiasm

Jobs has an infectious enthusiasm. When launching the video iPod, Jobs said, "It's the best music player we've made," "It has a gorgeous screen," "The color is fantastic," and "The video quality is amazing."

"And One More Thing..."

At the end of each presentation Jobs adds to the drama by saying, "and one more thing." He then adds a new product, new feature, or sometimes introduces a band. He approaches each presentation as an event, a production with a strong opening, product demonstrations in the middle, a strong conclusion, and an encore -- that "one more thing!"

It's Your Turn


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