January 6, 2007


從John Battelle的搜尋部落格來的資料,


"A list of the Top 100+ Search Engines of 2007, graciously compiled by SEO Charles Knight, with some editorial tinkering. Thanks Charles.

A9 amazon.com answerbag AOL Ask.com Ask.mobile askville AURA! Baidu bessed blinkx boing ChaCha ClipBlast! Clusty collarity CometQ d e c i p h o del.icio.us digg digg labs swarm eurekster exalead Feedster FINDITALL GIGABLAST Google Google /*Code Search*/ Google Mobile ICEROCKET inQuira ixquick Jambo Jyve KartOO keyCompete Kosmix krugle KwMap last.fm like Live QnA LiveDeal lurpo MavenSearch mnemomap MS. DEWEY mystrands nayio oodle Opera Mini Pagebull pluggd PreFound Quintura kids Quintura retrevo riya ROLLYO searchmash SearchTheWeb2 SEO Discussion Search Singing FISH Skweezer snap Sphere Sphider SPURL.net SpyFu SQUIDOO Srchr SurfWax Technorati thefind.com trulia url.com Vivisimo W a l h e l l o Webaroo WEBBRAIN What to RENT? whonu? WIKIO Windows Live wink WiseNut wondir Yahoo! ANSWERS Yahoo! MINDSET Yahoo! Mobile Yahoo! SEARCH Yahoo! Search Builder Yedda yoono yoople ZABASEARCH ZEBO Zillow.com Zippy ZOO.COM ZUULA"

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