September 6, 2008

Made up my mind

decision time by benefit of hindsight.

Anchor by eqqman.

Make up my mind.

[Strawberry Sadness] by occhichiusi.

It is sad. It is really hard to say.

stand out from the crowd by welshwitch36.

Stand out to tell.

Fire in the sky by Derek Farr ( DetroitDerek ).

No hard feeling, I hope.

hiding my sadness by paul+photos=moody.

Waiting for the final answer.

Photo credits: all CC via Flickr
1. By benefit of hindsight
2. By eqqman
3. By occhichiusi
4. By welshwitch36
5. By DetroitDerek Photography
6. By paul+photos=moody


  1. wish you luck!xxoo

    seems like in two days later not a good time to meet you guys?

    miss you people


  2. It is OK. We can have a gathering.


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