October 24, 2010


看到BusinessWeek這篇〈Taiwan's iPads Are Free. The Cases Cost $1,000〉感到無比難過。


Selling iPads in Taiwan is illegal, so gray marketeers are giving them away with the purchase of absurdly marked-up accessories. It's like selling a set of tires for $50,000 and including a BMW at no extra charge.
At some point, iPads will go on sale in Taiwan, too. "Apple submitted their application in August and we're still processing it," says the NCC's Tseng. "We don't know when it'll be approved."
Yahoo! Auctions seller Richard, who is offering a free 16 gigabyte iPad to purchasers of a $704 camera connection kit that goes for less than one-twentieth the price in the U.S., says his supply came as gifts from friends overseas. Another seller on Yahoo! Auctions named Chen ($1,038 case, 64 gigabyte Wi-Fi-only iPad) isn't saying anything at all. "Reporters, don't ask me about the iPad," reads the large bold type on his Yahoo! Auctions profile. "I am not selling iPads, I am selling iPad cases. And my cases are more high-class."

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  1. 廠商不急著送驗,不然能逼他嗎?或者對水貨商曉以大義請他吸收成本自行送驗?


  2. 1. 並沒有質疑送驗機制。BW文章是說,蘋果8月已經申請送驗,但NCC的回應是(10月),不知何時會通過? 顯然嘲諷,台灣政府的動作慢~

    2. 是iPad樹大招風,讓大家要這樣轉彎拐腳地賣iPad?山寨產品在台灣賣得大大方方,山寨機維修中心的看板在各大城市、鄉鎮都有,也不見政府有什麼管制行為。


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