March 30, 2006

How would you describe your relationship with Steve Jobs?-- 說說你和Steve Jobs的關係?

但他的報導並不多。(上圖是Steve Wozniak拿著Apple II的照片。)

根據Mercury News,他今年要出書了(書名,``I, Woz,'' )。
Q How would you describe your relationship with Steve Jobs?
(說說你和Steve Job的關係?)
A We are friends and polite and talk to each other once in a while. . . . We've never had an argument. There have been a couple of artificial ones over misinterpretations of things in the press. I'm a real analytical person. When I talk with reporters, I will talk about the pluses and minuses of an issue and, boy, sometimes they like to grab a little minus, twist the words a little, exaggerate it and make a headline.(我們是朋友,偶爾會聊聊...從來沒有吵架。很多捏造的吵架大概都是媒體編造的。我是個重分析的人,評論時我總會加減說些好或壞,但媒體卻總是喜歡拿那一點點壞的評論,扭曲一下、誇大一下,弄成頭條。)

Q What's it like being Steve Wozniak and shopping in an Apple store? Are you recognized?
A I was in Boston once. I needed two AC adapters. I ran into this new Apple store. I went up to the counter, ``I'd like two 65-watt AC adapters.'' I didn't say anything about who I was. And they bring them out. I say, ``How much?'' They say, ``We are expensing it.'' I said, ``Yeah, but how do I pay for it?'' They said, ``No, no, no -- we are allowed to give gifts to special people.''(有一次在波士頓,我要買電源器,當我要付錢時,店員說說,我們送禮物給特別的客人。)

延伸網址:Mercury News:Didn't want to change the world, just wanted to work on computers

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