March 27, 2006

The New Wisdom of the Web-- 網路新智慧

真不知道最近Web 2.0的風起雲湧是不是另外一次網路泡沫的開始?
這篇的結論是:Internet不再是cyberspace,而是where we live.
幾個標準的living web:
My Space, YouTube, Flickr,, Facebook
collective intelligence
user-generated content, the culture of generosity
connective tissue--RSS
self-service and community-moderated

有趣且帶點諷刺的business model:
starting a company in a spare bedroom, outsourcing the programming to
some Indian company they found on the Web, getting content from users
and then having users organize the content by tagging, pocketing money
from Google ads placed on the Web site and, finally, selling the
company to Yahoo.

延伸閱讀:Newsweek 2006, 0403 issue
update: Newsweek的文章還蠻簡易的,所以囉,就有人出來批評一番了。去看看也好。

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